About Brittany Leigh Jewelry

Hello and welcome! I’m so glad you’ve found me. I’m Brittany Leigh, and I make handwritten heirloom jewelry. I’ve been in love with making meaningful jewelry for over a decade, but I only started making handwriting jewelry after my dear grandmother passed away.
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She was the sweetest little lady I’ve ever known, and I loved her so much. She was the centerpiece of our family, and the glue holding together an extended family scattered across the country. She was always cheerful, kindhearted, and positive. It was such a loss to suddenly be without her.

My mother took it the hardest, and I really wanted to find a way to comfort her. I had been finding joy in reading through old birthday cards from my grandmother and realized that her writing would make for a beautiful piece of jewelry to give my mom.

memorial handwriting necklace in 14k gold on love grandma handwriting 1940s bride memorial handwriting jewelry inspiration

She loved the necklace, of course, and still wears it nearly every day. I made myself one, too (I'm wearing it in the photo above). it became a joyful, special way to keep my grandmother with me every day.

I think traditionally, people become sentimental about jewelry that has been passed down through generations of their family. But not everyone has that. My handwriting jewelry is a new kind of heirloom - it’s special not because of where it’s been or how old it is, but because of the unique and irreplaceable memories it celebrates. 

It's jewelry that touches your heart and brings you joy, happiness, and peace.

Lots of Love,